What Causes Broken video

What Causes Broken video

Have you ever experienced a video that has been recorded and then transferred to a PC that becomes damaged? If you have experienced it you do not need to be confused and worried. There will be an easy way to fix a broken video. But you have to make sure at what stage the video is damaged. What is the condition of the cellphone when recording or when the video has been transferred to the laptop? If you can make sure the video is damaged because it can’t be played, then you can do the following: What Causes Broken video

  • Download Stellar Phoenix Video Repair On Laptop / PC
  • Select the video to be addressed.
  • Click the Repair button
  • After that the process is complete and you can reuse the video to be watched.

What Causes Broken Videos

Hospitando – There are many things that trigger the video to suddenly break even though the video is the original recording. Moreover, videos that are only downloaded, of course, can be damaged instantly
If the file is downloaded, it may be that the site that was downloaded is not official so the file becomes damaged.
The video format does not match the device that will perform the process.
RAM capacity is full so it can’t play videos or other files.
The download process does not run perfectly when downloading from one file to another.

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Features of broken video

The main feature to determine whether the video is damaged or not is

  • the video does not show the image
  • Audio Disconnected – hospitando
  • The video cannot be played at all or there is an error in writing.