Old school game using coins

Old school game using coins

Who’s ever seen an old game using coins? This game can be played by two people or one person already existed in the 90s. Those born in the 90s are certainly no strangers to this game, aren’t they? Games that are played by inserting these coins also develop using cards.

Yes, this old-school game using coins is known as the arcade game. This arcade game will eat our money until there is nothing left so we have to prepare a lot of coins to be able to play it. Why do you have to prepare a lot of coins to be able to play arcade games? When starting to play this game maybe we will insert the first coin to start playing it.

Follow developments

Hospitando – But one coin one life. When the life in the game runs out, the game ends. So before repeating the initial game, immediately insert coins to win this game. The arcade game has changed too. First, it appears using coins, and then comes another arcade version using cards.

When you enter the mall, you may have seen a game that was swiped with a card. A kind of coin card. For those who have played before, you may already be familiar with coin cards. If you have never been able to go directly to the writing top-up. At the top – up will give a swipe card with the number of coins you want to exchange or buy.

Game type

At the top – up we can also add the playing balance. It’s really fun, isn’t it? Many ask – Ask if the arcade game has many games. In the 90s arcade games only had 1 game in 1 machine. Does not bring many games in one machine.

game for one person//Play
The games available in the arcade game are:
  • Samurai showdown
  • Street fighter2
  • Cadillacs & dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur soldier
  • Raiden Legacy
  • Space shooter
  • Strikers 1999
    And there are many more types of arcade games available. To play this game the players may be able to find the counter game. Arcade games are also known as arcade games. This game which looks like a casino game is different from other games. Rarely anyone can win the arcade game.
Arcade game form

This old-school game using coins has developed into a game that can be played via mobile phones. Only by downloading the game, gamers don’t need to look for arcade games. The form of the arcade game is very unique. This game has a screen and several buttons to play and is shaped like a song box.

Each machine has a different game title and a different box shape. When you want to play a card game, the game button is shaped like a car lever, preparing the gas pedal to be like the original racer. The presence of dingdong is rare. Even getting arcade games is now easy and not complicated.


Can be searched for application sales. They also sell dingdong machines with trusted applications. There is also a miniature arcade game. Which is a very small game box that can be shaped into a keychain. The game that was once popular in its time can still be found in various types of games that exist in every supermarket. So gamers who have seen arcade machines in the 90s can say they are not outdated.