Cave town

Cave town novomatic

Cave town will provide many interesting experiences in each game cycle. Novomatic will invite us all to travel through time. Not across time to the future but we return to the stone cruelty. Yes, the era where they don’t know much technology and still use stones as weapons, stone books and much more.

Traveling through time will make gamers lose control. Find several types of rare and ferocious animals as well as their inhabitants. But gamers don’t need to worry because in the stone age of cave town, the inhabitants were friendly. They will help gamers find several types of ancient relics and make gamers rich.

Find the cave

Hospitando – To find it, gamers must enter a big city where around every house is a cave. Many ancient people who in the stone age lived in caves as homes. There will be lots of discoveries that gamers can get in an empty cave.

Adventure looking for treasure gamers must be able to win the game which has 5 reels and 3 rows of the game cave town. The types of wins that can be obtained will be very many and provide a great opportunity for gamers to win coins and prizes. Every time looking for treasure, gamers must prepare 20 types of winning plans in order to succeed.

Game symbol

So many types of caves that gamers can find. Many types of carvings and some signs of life that once existed in the cave became a symbol of the game. Gamers will be accompanied by ancient women and big men with sticks to help find relics. You don’t have to wait long for the various types of symbols available such as: stone reliefs carved with lizards, fish bones, bone necklaces, hammers, ancient women, ancient men, lions with fangs, mamoon elephants, card symbols and many other types of symbols.

play stone age//look for

If you are still curious about the value that gamers will get, you can press game info. There will be several types of information about the values ​​and symbols that gamers will get. Not only value, gamers will also know how to get free spins in the cave town game. Find 3 symbols of the same type or combination can form a value for gamers.

Set bet value

This stone background-themed game will show some signs of ancient stone age life. Set the bet value that the gamer wants to use by pressing the plus sign and mint. The higher the number of bets that gamers place, the higher the value that gamers will get. Inside the symbol there will be a wild that can expand and form a value for gamers.

Wild which can replace all symbols except scatter. Successfully getting a scatter gamer will get free spins and symbol values. The free spins that can be obtained can amount to 6 free spins. The more often you match the scatter, the more opportunities to spin the reels and the closer the chance to win.

Auto game

In the game cave town gamers must also be able to find stone pillars. Stone pillars as a sign that gamers will enter the bonus game. In the bonus round, gamers will be faced with a vast natural landscape with a bright blue sky. In the free spins gamers who have managed to find the pillar will get a lot of wins.

To play this game, gamers can also use automatic game play. Which is where the screen will scroll and form a value without having to press the game’s auto button.